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Jeff Martin
IRS 2025 Revenue Proposals: Potential Impacts to Estate Planning?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has proposed several significant changes to the tax code as part of its revenue proposals for 2025. If enacted, these changes could have profound implications for estate planning.

The Seven Economic Indicators Investors Must Monitor

Understanding the many economic indicators that can impact your portfolio's performance is essential as an investor. Monitoring these indicators can help you better predict patterns, identify trends, and make informed investment decisions.

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Tips to Help You Spring Clean Your Financial Life

Spring is a great time to declutter your homes and an excellent opportunity to clean up your financial life. Spring cleaning must involve reviewing, reorganizing, and eliminating unnecessary financial clutter to help make your money management more efficient.

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4 Trends Set to Impact Earnings Season 2024 and Beyond

The financial ecosystem is ever-evolving, and the 2024 earnings season is no exception. Consistently, each earnings period generates a flurry of activity among investors across the globe as publicly traded companies release their quarterly or annual earnings reports.

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